Things you can do here


  • Renew your driver's licence
  • Change your address with Motor Registration
  • Get your driving record
  • Take your learner's permit test
  • Pay for your road test


  • Renew your vehicle registration
  • Notify Motor Registration when you no longer own a vehicle
  • Request a reprint of your vehicle registration


  • Renew your MCP card
  • Renew your child's MCP card
  • Change your address with MCP

Organ and tissue donation

  • Register to become an organ/tissue donor

Forestry and wildlife

  • Purchase a domestic wood cutting permit
  • Manage your existing domestic wood cutting permit

Personal Health Record

  • View laboratory results and medical imaging records
  • View a list of medications received from your pharmacy
  • Use the Health Library to learn about medical conditions and test results
  • Access mental wellness resources

Early Learning Gateway

  • Search for a list of regulated child care services
  • Add your child(ren) to a waitlist(s) for regulated child care services

How can we help?

How to create an account

Create a MyGovNL account so you can access available online services such as MCP card and driver’s licence renewal.

  1. Go to create an account and follow the steps.
  2. You will receive a verification email.
  3. Check your email and click "Verify my account".
  4. Your account is ready to use. Click "Sign in" to access your MyGovNL account.

How to find your services

After you’ve created an account, you’ll need to link it with services you want to use.

For example, if you’d like to renew your vehicle registration online, you’ll need to link your account with Driver and Vehicle Services.

How to link:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click “Use service” under "Driver and vehicle".
  3. Accept the terms of use.
  4. Enter your information to complete the link.
  5. You can now view your available services.

For security and privacy reasons, your MyGovNL account is for you only. Avoid linking your personal account to someone else’s records.

How to delete your account

You can delete your MyGovNL account at any time:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to "Account".
  3. Select "Delete your account" and follow the steps.

You can create another account any time.

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